What are Eyedropper fountain pens ?

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There is a long history of attempts to improve the filling methods of fountain pens. The first filling systems worked with an eyedropper that allowed to fill the fountain pens drop by drop; hence the name «eyedropper». Later, the «safety pen» was invented which prevented ink losses and made the filling of the fountain pens much easier.

The modern eyedropper fountain pens have a very important advantage. Since they use the barrel of the fountain pen as ink container, the capacity is very big (usually at least 4 times bigger than a conventional fountain pen) and this enables the user to write or draw for a long time without having to recharge the pen. 

Obviously the development or perfection of the fountain pens is directly related to the filling systems.

European factories as well as Northamerican have been leaders in the development of the best fountain pens since the end of the 19th century. The writing tools industry has developed from the first eyedropper fountain pens to the current models that are very safe and tight. Other brands have developed filling system in their quest for leading the fountain pen market.

Development of filling methods for fountain pens

Let’s have an overview of the most common filling systems.

Sleeve filler

Sleeve filler : this filling system works based on a rubber diposit that allows the nib to be introduced in the ink bottle and when returning to the original shape absorbs the ink to the diposit.

Coin filler

Coin filler : this is an improved version of the sleeve filler that uses a coin to press against the rubber diposit.

Lever filling

Lever filling : very successful improvement of the sleeve filler in which the rubber diposit is presses by a lever. on the side of the barrel .

Button filler

Button filler: this is a very good alternative to the lever filling that is actioned by a button instead of a lever or coin.


Vacumatic : this system acts with a push button that presses a piston generating a vacuum that expels the air of the diposit, allowing for a quicker filling with ink. The diposit is translucent which allows to see the ink level.

Ink-vue is a similiar system but using a lever instead of a push button.


Aerometric: this system was introduced in the market to substitute the Vacumatic.


Osmosis : an unconventional absoption system that uses the osmosis as a filling aid.

Ink cartridges for fountain pens, the best prize for a constant development

Producers, developers, factories and pen lovers. All of them contributed to the history of this elegant writing tool. Without the constant improvement in the filling systems we wouldn ‘t have cartridges or converters nowadays. Each and every producer developed systems that tried to improve the competitor’s.

History has given us anecdotes and special models that will be remembered for their innovation in the time when they were launched (like the Snorkel system !!)

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