The Eyedropper fountain pen for collectible

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Fountain pen lovers are lucky nowadays. Today, we have the visit of a very special model of fountain pen. Even if it has been around for a while. After using it for some months, we have enough information to draw interesting conclusions: we love this fountain pen.

Supplied by Divine Design, the German gourmet stationery brand that also offers gift articles. We have received one of their star products: the eyedropper fountain pen.

A modern, reliable  and witty fountain pen

This fountain pen has a characteristic ink charging system that uses the barrel as an ink container. This enables this writing instrument to have a great ink capacity. The production has been carefully tested and the body is made of high quality resin.

The eyedropper fountain pen is also compatible with standard cartridges (Divine Design offers up to 17 colours) as well as with standard converters that allow the use of ink from ink bottles.

On another occasion we will talk about the assortment of ink cartridges of Divine Design. They do offer a wide range of colours and high quality ink cartridges and ink bottles. The Divine Design colours of ink cartridges and ink bottles are very brilliant and durable and stand out for their high quality.

This Divine Design Eyedropper model should be part of any fountain pen collection. Even if they do not contain precious metals like gold or silver, the fact that it can be used with 3 different charging methods makes them unique.

This fountain pen has revolutionised the market and many other brands are now launching their own eyedropper models referring to antique pens that used a similar charging device.

Different Eyedropper presentations

Divine Design is currently offering the Eyedropper fountain pen in 4 attractive versions: coal black, amber, purple and the new jade.

We must also add that the German brand Divine Design also offers a wide range of fountain pens within their ecological stationery catalogue. The wooden fountain pens are also a must if you are looking for a clean, ecological and practical fountain pen. Divine Design offer also cheaper and functional pens for scholars and beginners that are very resistant and of easy use.

If you want to know the the wide range of design stationery products by Divine Design, you can visit their site and download their catalogue at